About Us
In the world of architectural hardware solutions, Founded in the year 1995 Dorset is a name that everyone associates with security, trust, and elegance. As one of the leading global manufacturers of door-ware, locking mechanism and glass fixtures and fittings, the journey towards earning worldwide recognition is one that has taken constant dedication to innovation, adhering to quality, and a passion for excellence.
Dorset has collaborated with Samet, a true global leader founded in 1973 to infuse innovation. A leader with an experience of over 4 decades, and over 130 people working in their R&D institute. Samet, which has an acknowledged leadership in over 80 countries across five continents, and Dorset have collaborated to combine remarkable experience and service comprehension with the help of the most up to date technologies to meet the latest trends and improve conditions of people’s creativity. Samet creates immense difference in design to process worldwide competitiveness. It maintains its position among the global brands product quality by means of integrating continuously developing technology and state of the art hardware.
Together we aim to develop and keep up with high standards in awareness of a service understanding/efficiency that creates value for the society as well as the environment. The products that you will experience have the technological prowess of a world leader backed by the renowned service standards of Dorset.